Crossbite Surgery Cost

In human beings the normal position of the teeth is the upper jaw on the outer side of the lower jaw. But when this arrangement is altered, that is when the lower jaw protrudes over the upper jaw, one exeriences problems in chewing or even speaking. Many would also have to come to terms with facial deformities due to this misalignment.

To correct the alignment of the jaws one needs to either use braces, if the problem is dental, or go through crossbite jaw surgery, if the problem is skeletal. There are two types of crossbite jaw surgery: one for Retruded Upper jaw or Maxilla and the other one for Protruded lower jaw or Mandible.

When the upper jaw is retruded, that is it is aligned inwards of the left jaw while the left jaw is at its normal position then the surgery separates the maxilla and the palate and the maxilla is then placed at its correct position. When the left jaw is protruded, the back of the lower jaw is split bilaterally and then pushed back. And then the bone is fixed with the help of titanium screws in its new position.

The crossbite surgery cost also varies considerably depending upon the orthodontist and surgeon you are consulting. The crossbite surgery cost can vary drastically from one patient to another depending upon the pre and post operative requirements as well as complications of the patient. In majority of the cases the costs are 30,000 to 35,000 dollars.

The crossbite surgery cost is a combination of many factors like doctor's fee, Orthodontic treatment, location and the pre and post complications of the patient. Therefore, it is advisable that you should always make a thorough search for the various factors that may affect the costs.